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McCleery Business Women's

Golf Club


McCleery Business Women's golf club has been a long standing member club since 1959.  Our Sunday fixture sheet includes a great line up of fun competitions.  It also includes Team competitions with other member clubs, at home and away.  

Welcome!  Come join us for a round.  It is a great way to meet other women, create friendships, and see significant improvements in our golf games.  McCleery Golf Club is one of Vancouver Park Board's lovely par 72 golf courses.  

Our Club Captain is Dianne Churchard.



McCleery Business Women's Golf Club starts from April to October. Opening breakfast and golf, is the first Sunday in April.  This year our opening breakfast is Sunday April 2, 2023.  

The AGM is Thursday November 2nd!  5:30pm @ Langara golf club. 

A very good meeting then dinner and social to award our achievements and trophies! Thank you to all of our lovely members, for a wonderful 2023 year of great golf and friendships.  

Our 2023 golf year has arrived. Sunday April 2nd is our first scheduled golf game this year.  Once again we will enjoy a year of tremendous golf and friendships.  McCleery Business Women's Golf Club welcomes you to come join our club and enjoy a wonderful summer, making friends, and playing some terrific golf on our gorgeous fairways.  

Our 2023 golf season is packed with fun.  Click on the button and have a look see.  Please contact Dianne at to join our club's summer fun!

*Important update from our Captain. We have a full roster for 2023. Thank you to everyone for signing up this year. We do have a waitlist. If you are still interested in joining our golf club, we would like to encourage you to contact our Captain, Dianne, and have your name placed on our waitlist.

Come out and meet us after our round of Sunday golf.

Please note; McCleery Golf Course has completed the aeration the week of April 17/23. Thank you.

McCLEERY GC will be closed for aeration from September 11-13th.Thank you.

Langara will be closed for aeration from September 25-27. 

Fraserview will be closed for aeration from September 18-20. 

All weather depending.  Thank you.

McCleery Mixer.  We have completed this exciting event. Mixed pairings, stableford format.

A dynamic day filled with fun, prizes and a delicious lunch! 

Winners of this annual event is Barb McD and Faizel J.  Congratulations! Come join the fun next year.  

Intercity Tournament 2023. This year Fraserview Business Women will be hosting us on their home turf. Fraserview golf course. Sunday September 24th, McCleeryBW, will be defending the coveted trophy. An exciting tournament and good luck to both teams!

Fraserview Business Women gain the coveted trophy on their home turf. Congratulations to a great win and hosting a wonderful time on the fairways!

McCleery Business Women's Club Championship Tournament and social, has been another wonderful success.  Debbie Y. succeeded in securing her place as our Club Champion for 2023!  Congratulations to Debbie. Thank you to Jennifer E. for organizing our exciting social full of fun times and friends.

McCleery Business Women's Glenna Urbshadt Handicap Tournament 2023 was won by Susan L!  Consolation was won by Sandy L. Congratulations to both of our McBW team.  

Business Women's League will compete again in Team, amongst competitive member clubs, and most importantly, it's a FUN. With wonderful friendships renewed every year.  It is immensely enjoyed by all our member clubs. Please look at the roster schedule by clicking on the button below.  Thank you. 

Zone 3 & 4 2023 McCleery Business Women's Team results

1st Team Play, Away with University Business Women... UBC Wins!

2nd Team Play, @ Home with Tsawwassen Business Women... McCleery Wins!

3rd Team Play, @ Home with Surrey Business Women...  McCleery Wins

4th Team Play, Away with The Links Business Women...  McCleery Wins!

It will be an exciting year for McCleery Business Women.  On Sunday August 13th we are hosting the Zone 3/4 Tournament.  Held at Langara Golf Course.  Let's play some terrific golf and qualify to play with our friends from the other member clubs.  It is always fun and a privilege to meet up with the other ladies from around the lower mainland.  Thank you and good luck to every club, and see you on August 13th!

We have some winners.

Team of the Year:  McCleery Business Women!!

Team of the Day:  Fraserview Business Women!

Low Gross Winner overall, Fraserview:  Iris W.!

Low Net winner overall:  LJ - McCleeryBW

Low Net winners from McCleery:  Sheila R, Joanne D, and Jennifer E.

There are many tournaments around our lovely province of BC.  If you like to compete, have a look a British Columbia's golf fixture sheet.  Click on the button below for the tournaments and locations. 

Click on the button to take you to BC Golf and voila!  Enter your scores for an accurate handicap!  Thank you.

We are on instagram. Enjoy the fun here at: mccleerywomensgolf




McBW Executive 2023

Become a member!

CAPTAIN:  Dianne C.





                                      Janet A. (2yrs)






McCleery Business Women's Golf Club

7188 MacDonald St. Vancouver, BC

(604) 257-8191

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