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McCleery Business Women's

Golf Club


Important information regarding COVID 19.  

Our golf club has postponed the golf season until further notice.  Due to the closure of our golf courses. Please continue to refer to our website for the update regarding the start of the golf season.  

Until then, stay safe and very importantly stay healthy.  And remember to practice physical distancing.  Keep well.  

Apr 05, 2020

McCleeryBW 2020 golf season is just around the corner.

Our McCleery 2020 season is already looking great. Get ready for our first day, in April.  Our club is looking forward to seeing all our members on opening day. And we welcome new members to email our Captain, Joanne Dorman, to inquire about joining our golf club.  Come play golf in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Fixture Sheet

Have a look at our Club's fixture sheet, and see the fun for the year!

Posting your Scores!

It's great to see improvements in our golf games!  Click on the button to post your scores and see your handicaps go down!  

New Rules

for 2020, as we all know, golf will undergo some new rules changes regarding handicapping.  It is called World Handicap System.  It will bring us to equal footing with the rest of the world.  Click on the button to read about the changes.  Thank you.  

McCleery Weather

What's the weather at McCleery today?  


McBW Team Play 2020 Schedule

McCleery Business Women's Team schedule is looking very exciting for our 2020 golf season.  

McCleeryBW will be playing Kings Links on June 14th.  Thank you.  

Let's play some exciting competition amongst our piers and good luck to all 7 ladies golf clubs!

Zone 3/4 Business Women's Championship

Have fun golfing evan at the end of the season.  We welcome you to click on the button to see the good times at our annual business women's league, Zone 3/4 Championship.  It was held this year by the Fraserview Business Women's Golf Club.  Stay tuned for next years hostesses.  

Play Golf around BC!

Have fun this year and play some tournaments around BC.  Click on the button to see the fixture sheet British Columbia Golf has posted.  Have a look and consider a destination.  Their website, British Columbia Golf, has all the information we need to have a successful golf club.  

Nov 05, 2020

AGM McCleeryBW

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CAPTAIN:  Joanne D.





                                      Christine M.



email:  mccleerybw@gmail.com

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